10 Things You Must Do After Your Exam Results Are Out!

10 Things You Must Do After Your Exam Results Are Out!

1) Baby-Sleep: We all know the days of the previous few nights that we have spent worrying about the result and absolutely no sleep. So now is the exact time to take a sound sleep for hours and hours! *dear mind please rest now*



2) Binge on Food: Thanks to our over protective moms who have been worried about us and ask us to pray to Bhagwaan Ji for good results with no chicken and only ghar ka khaana because “Boards hain!” But gone are the days, now you can eat whatever you wish to because its azaadi.



3) Make-over journey: As stepping into college is a BIG step; it should be done with BIG changes. So go in for a bob-cut or maybe get a tattoo and change your appearance drastically for the college days are here!



4) College Scouting: Look out for the best college that you want to get into Go check out how cool their canteen is or how hot your seniors are! Now that you have your scroes, you will know exactly where you’re heading to.



5) Sleepovers: Now those barred days are gone when your friends were your enemies according to your parents! Now they’re back to being friends and days are back when you can go and sleepover at their place and chill!



6) Bagpackers: Ask your mom to find out that bagpack of yours and just LEAVE. Leave for somewhere whacky and enjoy a life of peace in the mountains or on the beaches.



7) Series Marathon: Yes! Now watching an entire season of Game of Thrones is no crime because you’re free as hell and this is exactly what this time has been given you for. Complete on all those pending series that you had to leave for these silly BOARDS.



8) Paper Crush your Textbooks: Just do this. Bacchon wali baat hai? Bano bacha, karo bacchon wali baat. And the levels of happiness and satisfaction post result would be so awesome! (CAUTION: If you have flunked in any subject, kindly avoid this point)



9) Pick a stupid hobby: Learn how to make mocktails or probably how to gift wrap. Just do anything so random that gives you the sense of relaxation after this time of tremor that you just came out of!



10) Shopping Cart FULL: Simply overload your shopping cart as you now head into the world of casual and chic with your brilliant buying skills. Go SPLURGE should be your post exams motto.


PS. Dear Students, no matter what your scores are in a long run trust us it won’t matter. So just chill and enjoy every bit and savor the moment of bliss of exams and results trauma.


Source: Tumblr.com