10 Things You Must Do Before You Are 25!

10 Things You Must Do Before You Are 25!


Growing up is tough and the toughest years of our lives is in our 20s. So as soon as our mid-20 strikes, the clock starts ticking for you to be somewhere in life. So here are some things that you must accomplish before you reach this age bar:

Having an amazing bank account with lots of money in store. This does not essentially mean that you should be earning a 7-digit salary. This means you have a secure work life that supports you without your family help. 



Lived alone by yourself without parents. This takes a lot of guts and is a far-scene in our country. But is very essential to teach you the true way of leading lives. We spend most of our time contemplating about things our parents want. But the best life lessons are learnt without any other thoughts except you.
Having had at least one relationship and one heartbreak makes you stronger. So much stronger than you ever think And people who are thinking of saving themselves for their marriage, please know your wife/ husband is not saving themselves for you and probably is dating someone right now. So go take that plunge.
Having had a solo trip or with people you don’t know at all. You need to get out of a zone and explore the territory that you’re not used to at all. Make friends and have fun with them. Adjust to new habits and people, its a splendid experience in itself.
Have taken your parents out on a dinner and paid for the same with your own salary. Your parents have done leaps and bounds for you and now its your turn to do some small gestures for them. Trust me even if it is a trip to Sagar Ratna next door, they will love it with you.


Learnt at least one skill or a new language or a crazy activity or habit that makes you better person. Life is too short to not to gain knowledge. Though this point does not have an age bar essentially, but you must do this without a fail. A guitar lesson, dance class, learning French or cooking. Just LEARN.


Read too many books or watched too many TV series or movies that evolve you as a learned person. Start from Breaking Bad or Before Sunrise or One Night at A Call Centre. Just explore new things that may give you fun and teach you a lot simultaneously.
Having had made at least one friend who you know will stay with you forever and has been always there for you in your thick and thin. All our school years and in college we make so many friends. But there are only a few that stay forever. Have at least one such friend by you’re 25.
Done at least one act of kindness that has reformed or changed someone else’s life completely. It can be the smallest of gesture of sheltering a puppy to saving someone’s life from an accident. Just do something good that you feel amazing about.
Having to learn the meaning of life and how to come out of the worst situations in the best possible way by yourself to prove to the world that you’re stronger than what they think of you to be.


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