10 Thoughts In Mind When Parents Call You For A ‘Personal Talk’

10 Thoughts In Mind When Parents Call You For A ‘Personal Talk’

Your parents love you the most on the planet is a statement that is 100% true but we found it totally false and a sham. There have been times when your parents have embarrassed you in front of your friends, when they would have slapped you and even scared you to death. But the scariest time is when they say they want to have a private conversation with you. So here are 10 things that go through your mind when they call for a ‘personal talk’:

1. I hope I am their only child. God please don’t tell me I have another sibling.
2. Secretly wishing they tell you that we are millionaires and we are gifting you a Ferrari on this birthday.


3. This better not be again about my grades.


4. Did my teacher call them and tell them about my low attendance?


5. Mom would have found out the hidden adult magazine under my bed.


6. Praying that they are going out for their second honeymoon leaving you home alone for a week. Yipppiieee!


7. What is my Whatsapp status? Dad would have seen my display picture with that girl.


8. What if they pulled out some strings and got my board result with them already?


9. Another lecture about not taking moms calls! Arghhh… New reasons.


10. Dad has taken out an itemized bill of internet and now he knows I  spend my entire day on Facebook and Twitter.

So, though our parents are all-time favorite people on the planet for they let us live in their house, we are damn scared by what they might say in that PRIVATE conversation. Share in comments what you thought when your parents called you for this!