9 Times it was Proven Salman Khan is King of Controversies

9 Times it was Proven Salman Khan is King of Controversies

Salman Khan, the bhai of entire Bollywood is known for only 3 things that he is perfect at: CONTROVERSY , CONTROVERSY and CONTROVERSY. There are lesser times when Salman Khan has been talked for about his movie performances where in he tops the controversy area leaving behind all his other contemporaries, for that matter even Sunny Leone. So today, let’s pay a tribute to all Salman Khan ever-famous controversies.


The Bluck Bug Killing: His long running case since Hum Saath Saath Hain days is one of the biggest controversial things of his life. Although a lot of othe actors were also a part of this controversy but Bhai got the maximum (bad) publicity from it.


The Hit & Run Case: This case that was being tried in court for years had more twists and turns than an Ekta Kapoor movie and finally the court let go off Bhai .. duh.. because he is THE BHAI.
Aishwarya Rai controversy: When Bhai is in love, he loves with all his heart and anger. He has allegedly  caused the Miss World so much trouble that till date they are still not on talking terms.
The Bigg Boss: In 2013 he was accused of being partial to the contestant Tanisha Mukherjee and lobbying for her during the show and Bhai had to take this fight to Twitter and explain his side of things.
ShahRukh Khan Gaps: The Karan-Arjun of the industry have been on a rift since forever and have really never came out of it. They on and off try to mend the distances but are never able to achieve it.
Vivek Oberoi Accusitions: Under the same light of Aishwarya Rai troubles, Bhai was also accused of hitting and fighting with Aish’s then self-acclaimed-boyfriend Vivek Oberoi that created a lot havoc in the industry.


Girlfriend Troubles: He is known for introducing similar looking faces to Bollywood in order to recover from his break ups. At first it was Sneha Ullal who was Aish’s lookalike and after his break up with Katrina, Zareen Khan was introduced in the industry y Salman Khan.


Virgin Controversy: The entire industry went crazy hearing the fact that Bhai is a virgin on Koffee with Karan that gained a lot of publicity.
The most recent controversy of Bhai being the brand ambassador of Rio Olympics as a representative from India saw a lot of comments and responses. So much so that Bhai’s ex-girlfriend made a remark that ‘Controversy is against Salman, so it is not a new thing.’


SHARE some other controversies against Salman that you know off and we will feature them on our IT list for Bhai.