10 Times When My Brother Chose To Be My Best Friend

10 Times When My Brother Chose To Be My Best Friend

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Having a sibling is a default joy we all share. If not your own, you always have a bunch of crazy cousins around. We all have a love-hate relation with our brother/sister and with upcoming occasion of Rakhi we confess the undying love for our beloved brothers:


1. When I was getting late for my college and he dropped me leaving his priorities.


2. When for the first time he asked me about my few hot friends.


3. When he met my boyfriend over few drinks and was cool about it.


4. Whenever he took my stand in front of our parents.


5. When he supported my decision to take up career of my choice.


6. When he told me to party and not to worry about things at home.


7. When he was cool about chugging few drinks with me!


8. Whenever he asked for my help to meet his girl friend.


9. Whenever he scolded me but made up for it with a gift!


10. Whenever he chose to be my best friend and my support system than my brother.