10 Times You Should Know That the Love is Just Not Meant...

10 Times You Should Know That the Love is Just Not Meant to Be

Sometimes we are in love but it just is not right. Something is about it always bothers you, you always feel how better life would be without their presence and the emotions are always battling with one another. In such cases, the best is to just let go. Just admit that it is not meant to be and move on. Here are 10 times you should know it’s not going to work out.

When you know that you are just not happy with one another but in your mind you are so used to this other person and feel that how are you going to live without them?


Once in relationship, you two are supposed to be enjoying and having great time together. But instead when you two are together it is always depressing and fights. It’s just wrong.
The times when you go meet your friends and always see them having a good time and feel jealous because you were so happy single just like them but now with them around, its not the same.


There are days in your relationship when you two just sit next to each other and have nothing to talk about and it just feels as if it is all so boring.


You both are in love but in your heart know that you two have different future and in that future the other one just does not fit right.
The sexual chemistry between you two has nothing new, no romance. It is just that you two are intimate because of the needs of your body. It does not go beyond it.
When you truly feel that being with each other is just a sacrifice because you two have nothing in common so the other one always compromises to fits the needs of your partner.
The reverse of the above point is also true, that is when none of you is willing to make a compromise so you both end up having a fight and feel sh*t about it every time.
The times when straight away your brain and heart tells you that you are going no where with this relationship. Once that feeling crops up, it never really goes away.
All those times when you think you need them but not want them. In every relationship, if one person is more dependent on other, soon it leads to difficult times. So better watch out for those signs.


So in times like this, just know that it’s better to say a GOOD BYE than saying NOTHING at all.