10 Times You Think Your Mom is Just Overreacting

10 Times You Think Your Mom is Just Overreacting

We all completely and crazily love our moms but there are certain times when our moms love us back in that crazy way. It is called mommy over reaction. Read through below to know how moms react to things:

When she calls you ten times even after informing that you will be late. Mom we are going to be late translates we can not pick up your phone and please understand!


When she preaches you to only eat ghar ka khaana. After 100 meals at home, we get tired of gheeya and palak. Please let us eat pasta!
Times she believes that books should be only your friend. Rest all our friends are completely whacky and should be abandoned right away according to mamma darling.
How she tells you that you NEVER do anything for her or help her in daily chores. You would have just sat down doing 99th work that she gave you for the day and she will declare that you never help her on the 100th thing for sure!
She will ensure that you do not cross your time limit of talking on phone for more than 20 minutes. If you do every time she sees you you will have to face that stern that you never understand is for what reason?
When she drives you crazy about that guy she thinks you are hundred percent dating. Mom we are JUST FRIENDS! (sorry friendzoned guys) and there is no chance on earth that I will be dating someone like him.
How you get a life lesson about how bad alcohol is for you and should be criminalized forever. You will come home sober always, but once you decide to get a little tipsy drunk, you should be all ready for life lessons from MOM Baba. 
The times that she says that you have no respect and worth of money because you shopped a t-shirt for more than 600 rupees. Like Seriously?


When every problem in our life is because we sleep late. You got sick, its because you sleep too much. You got a A- in exams, its because you sleep late. You slipped on the banana peel, its because you sleep late.
The way she tells you to stop browsing internet because it sends some UV rays to your body causing deadly diseases. Poor internet providers are suffering huge business losses because my mom does not let us browse the net!

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