10 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in August

10 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in August

Straight forward from inside, gorgeous from outside, yes- People born in August are stunning, intellectual, magnetic, and attract others with their enthusiastic will power. But wait, there is so much more, you will get overwhelmed reading about their truth, which most people fail to understand. I myself, being an August born, am going to reveal the unsaid, non-manipulated and unbiased truths that people should know to be in good relations with us :)


1. They are very private people-they will get nervous if you directly look at them.

They need need and definetly need their alone time. It keeps them sane and helps them deal with whatever emotions they may be dealing with, that they don’t want others to pick up on. Leo, being one of their ruling signs, August borns mostly talk to everyone, but only trust a selected few. They like their own personal space, be it professional or personal. They tend to get nervous and commit mistakes if directly being eyed by someone.


2. They are right- no matter what. Deal with it!

“If you would have just listen to me in the first place you wouldn’t be in this situation”. Haanji, It might hurt your ego, but they know a lot of things, and 90% of the time they’re right. They will argue with you until they get the very last word. This trait of theirs is not at all good for life time relationships, as the partner will after some time would not like to be poked on everything. But if you chose to be theirs for life, you should also know how to handle them without hurting both of you. Can’t help it! That’s the way they are honey!


3. Big time crazy moody- “Abhi jao yahan se. I don’t wanna talk! *rude tone*”

‘When she is happy, she can’t stop talking. When she is sad, she doesn’t say a word.’ That’s a Virgo trait. Every little shit bothers them and they may not say anything right away but their looks will tell you all. Their face speaks what’s going inside them. Read it.


4. They better express themselves through writing-‘ likhe jo khat tujhe.. jo teri yaad me, wo Augustie hai‘ 😛

These people lack verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. That’s why they tend to give expressions as answers to most of the things. And people think they are rude by not answering them. Aisa thode hi hota hai bhai! Everyone has their own manner of conveying things. If you are associated to them in any manner you should know about it. Or else, get frustrated.


5. Not everyone’s friend

Yea! He is that one friend who will never sugar-coat anything. Because everyone doesn’t like straight forward talks, an August born doesn’t want to be everyone’s friend. It’s not about nature, it’s about choice. They’re picky and only choose those worthy of their time. But if they love you, they really do. They will give you all they have.


6. Don’t like wasting money- neither asking for it.

Paisa hi sab kuch nahi hota! Ideologies of a person is what they will go for, if given a choice. Being good managers, they plan their money well and will never get in a situation where they will have to ask for it from anyone.


7. They seek perfection- In everything!

Even a wrongly put toilet roll disturbs them. Not kidding. They can get furious on a simple spill of water on dining table or even if they don’t find things kept in their proper place. Cleanliness can be another issue of fight between you and an August born. Beware! Inke liye daag acche nahi hain…


8. They tend to forget things and people that don’t interest them- “Who You???”

Although they have a good memory, If things are not of their interest, they will ‘hmmm’ it and ear off. So, if you want to grab their interest, presenting things in a-never seen before- manner might interest them.


9. They have difficulty in showing their pain.

Very accurate it is. Yes, they’ll whine about minor little pains that really feel like nothing, but when it comes to large and extreme pain, both mental and emotional, they won’t say a word.


10. Very easily angered

They can have a high temper at times. That’s only when dealing with stupid people. But also because they thing that few things they know are very obvious and everyone should/would be knowing about. Reality is, not everyone is as smart as an Augustie, and they fail to accept this fact.
My advice to them would be to calm down and deal the World the way it deals with them. Normal people don’t know everything and that’s the reality. Stop taking people’s opinions seriously always. So, stop worrying.