10 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in December

10 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in December

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OMG! Dekho, dekho wo aagaya… the charmer… the most cheerful and vibrant person on planet Earth! Yeah that’s you my December born buddy 😀 You don’t fail to attract anyone do you? Let me tell you that you are not just beautiful from outside but also a sensible and responsible human from inside. It comes naturally to you. Let me explore your personality deeply and let people know more about your hidden traits:

1. Practical approach is their falsafa of life.

They understand it at a very early age that life is not a dream land and one has to have a practical approach. People get influenced by their attitude and love them for this.

2. There is a difference between ego and self esteem- People should know it.

JIn logo ko ye pata hai wo misunderstandings se door rehte hain life me. People born in December have self esteem much higher than their bank balance. This gives them hope for future, not the end of this World as an egoistic person thinks that life begins and ends with their decisions.

3. Their country is their religion.

Patriotic as their dominant trait, Decemberites take great interest in politics, devoted to their origin. They accept their nationality with all the flaws and variation in culture etc. That’s why they take great interest in international games, World Cups and other competitions.

4. ‘Gyaan baant te chalo’ is the motto of their life!

Whatever be the topic of discussion in a gathering, they always have their knowledge to share. Intellectuals they are and they love to socialize because of this reason. Just like everyone, they love attention, love praises and love to be loved. They can be very good teacher for the same reason tooo! 😀

5. One guy/girl kind of an individual- ‘Kyunki tum hi ho… bas tum hi ho….‘ :-*

They are committed type of people and think that sticking to one person is more authentic than having choices in relationships. This breaks a lot of individual’s heart as they don’t accept anyone’s ‘kandha‘ as followup relationship and believe in fixing the one they are already in.

6. They are more logical than emotional.
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Logic drives their mind as well as heart. They hardly take any decision from their heart and prefer to guide people to do the same too. They like to be in the company of people who acknowledge their advice and practical approach .

7. Decemberites turn not older with years, but newer every day.

Isn’t it true? Growing old makes them feel young at heart and the most wonderful thing about them is they use their experience to make their life better and positive. Happiness is their sole purpose of life and as soon as they realise this, all the ‘moh-maya’ of this World fails to attract them.

8. ‘Nadaan parindey‘ defines their lifestyle!

They cannot live in a restricted environment. Freedom of speech, and freedom to live life in their own terms is the only thing they want in their relationships. As soon as they start feeling suffocated, They try and manipulate things to suit their needs, but seldom break any bond. This sometimes stands negative for them and people derive wrong conclusions of their character.

9. They are attracted towards holistic healing, sports and World of animals.

So, In case you have fallen for a person born in December, you know what topics you should be discussing to grab their interest and keep them talking. Animal rescue stories, a famous recall of a World cup moment or talks about soulful things are a sure shot conversation starter. Go for it!

10. Travel freak, but their health issues become a problem…sob sob…. :(

With interest to see the whole World, they plan to have a great adventurous life. But their cold prone body restricts them to go places. Nevertheless, they dig out options for that too… as they are unstoppable!

So here they are – The most desirable of the lot!. Charming them with your persona is not a cake walk. Wanna have them in your life? Bohot papad belne padenge dost! But it will be all worth it in the end…. Cheers to the last and the most adourable bunch of year births … don’t forget, they bring new year ahead… always!


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