10 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in June

10 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in June

People born in June are caring and sensitive by nature. They are  daydreamers, who love to share lots of ideas, practical or not. Their vision is very different from others- *Those who loves me are enemies* Those who hates me are friends!* Get ready to discover more of their personality traits, as they are full of surprises!

  1. They are ‘The Best’ personality and an absolute pleasure to be around!

‘Kaash wo meri friend hoti’ Is what most of the people think if they ‘only’ know them. Since they are effortlessly attractive, they tend to have even a more attractive partner. Yes! they are wicked hottie! They have a great choice in films, and may one day become a famous actor/actress themselves – heck, you’ve got the looks for it!!! 😛

  1. Visionary- Having lots of ideas

After all, an idea can change your life sirji! 😛 Their life revolves around a set vision, with which they think far and beyond what a normal human being thinks. Their active mind can be full of weirdest thoughts and people might call them mad, but these people are the ones who bring in revolution.

  1. Brand conscious! “Is that from Sarojini…? EEwww!”

They are fussy when it comes to dressing up. They know more brands than you will ever come across in your life! Sometimes, they don’t even like to look at someone who is tackily dressed, or not as per normal standards. And yes…cleanliness is included in this.

  1. They know how to make friends with enemies- ‘Maan gaye… dum hai bande me…!’

Talkative they are! Hence, they know how to make friends easily, they can please even their/ your enemy and bring them to friendly terms. New friends welcome themselves in June born’s life effortlessly because of this trait.

  1. Choosy and moody! Of course they always want the best of the things at their best times..

Yeah… I know it’s not really possible every time. But they somehow manage to do it. This is the reason why they get hurt very easily. And they do take time to recover when hurt. Their temperament is known to those who are very close to them..

  1. Prone to getting cold- Ha Ha.. isn’t it obvious?

Born in JUNE! ‘Ab koi itni garmi me paida hoga to allergy honi hi hai!‘ But still, they love ice-creams, Ice-gola and cold drinks. They should take precautions, or else, it might get worst with time.

  1. They rarely show emotions. Hesitation comes complimentary with some good traits.

Since they are sensitive and very careful about their image in the society, they hesitate in coming out in their original form. Their cousins, very close friends and life partner only knows their true self.

  1. Joking is their poking. And I’m not joking..

People born in June are the once who joke a lot, and their jokes lead to some of those deep conversations that poke you at  the right place. who doesn’t like such a personality? It’s a hard to find humorous intellect!

  1. Kind people attract them.

Since they are polite and soft spoken, they adore people who are same. They know that such people are rare to find. Sensitivity towards  living beings makes them one of a kind. Je Baat!

  1. They are good in debates- ‘Inko Hara ke dikhao to jane!’ 😀

Arguing and getting into debates with no results is their favorite past time. No one can defeat them and they are very stubborn in what they say-whether right or wrong. They easily convince the listeners. If they are not getting such a company, they get easily bored of normal people.


Apart from all these traits, an extremely critical nature makes it hard for them to take decisions. Also, they lack will power and at times rely on others to solve their problems. Way to go June Waalon… your full of life and caring nature is loved by all!

✌ YOLO ✌ 

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