10 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in October

10 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in October

The best quality of people born in October, is balanced approach. They are known to maintain consonance between parties with their brilliant diplomatic skills. They are great thinkers and these ‘dimaag ke dhurandhars’ are gifted with a very logical mind. Octoberites therefore are good at analyzing situations and come up with solutions. They attach high value to intellect. I am going to tell the never-before told traits of October born. Here are they-

1. Intelligence to “chhappar bhad ke diya hai uppar wale ne!”
October born 1

They haven’t got head on their shoulders just for makeup and looking beautiful, look beneath the surface, it has lot more stuff inside than outside. Quick/Sharp wit, extreme curiosity, deductive skills, quick thinking and the ability to pick things up here and there as well as thoroughly research the matters of special interest make them able to speak on anything in public gatherings.

2. They are so balanced that they can be used as judges in court

October born 2
The Scales will never go to extremes, and will mostly choose the middle path in order to please everyone around them, whatever the issues may be. They are famous for maintaining harmony and balancing between two sides in difficult situations. They are also very level headed and therefore can be sought after for practical solutions.

3. You will be amazed by the charisma of their “Charming Personality”

October born 3
October is the month of charm. Octoberites have special ability to positively influence others by connecting with them physically, emotionally and intellectually.

4. Romance is in their heart and soul.

October born 4

Driven by Venus, October born people are extremely romantic and best one’s to date.They add love in whatever they do. So if you are confused whether to accept a proposal from an Octoberite or not?, GO AHEAD and grab it!

5. Tactically Smart – By hook or crook… or by look.. or by …

October born 5

They know how to get it done, but they cannot be called cunning. Its just that they are too good to tweak the emotions of others 😉

6. Solution providers

October born 6

You can get 10 times better solutions from october born people than the baba who says “samosa chatni ke sath khao, kripa ayegi” :P. Octoberites are good at analyzing situations and come up with perfect solutions that happily satisfies all parties. “Inke dar se koi mayoos ho ke nahi jata”.

7. I want all pleasures in life and why not if I can afford them.

October born 7

Because they have a strong desire for material comforts, they may tend to waste a lot of money in unnecessary luxuries. But thats Ok, after all its their money 😉

8. Aaj karey so kal kar, kal karey so parson… Itni jaldi kya hai, abhi padey hai barson!


October born 8True, they have easy going attitude. Octoberites are mostly active yet sometimes they are too lethargic. Usually its not that they are physically lazy but they believe it not taking too much stress on them.

9. Good Communicators

October born 9

With high intellect, they are often great with dialect, having flawlessness in different languages and are therefore good communicators and engaging talkers.

10. Moody – “Mera Man, main jo karun, bhaad men jao sab” 😛

October born 10

At times they appear to be exceptionally positive, accommodating, upbeat and cordial; while, other times there will be a low feeling in their heads, and at such circumstances they can be absolutely negative and to a great degree unfeeling to the agonies of others..


Altogether people born in October have some awesome traits, yet to make success kiss their feet, they need to work on their indecisiveness. The most troublesome things for an Octoberite is to take a decision. At the point when confronted ,it is often difficult for them to choose what is best for them, which can turn into a major obstacle in their way.  Just work on this and you will be the best!

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