11 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in September

11 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in September

With a great bond oriented mind set, September borns are communication experts and win everyone’s heart by their perfection oriented approach. They are picky about materialistic things but not people. It is truly said that happiest people are born in September. Find out how!


1. Politely diplomatic- “Oh this dress will look lovely on you..say that you will not buy it plsss… I want it” 😛

Awww…how nicely they make you believe that! You will convincingly say “Go ahead, all yours!” with a smile. They definitely know how to charm you with words. hence, they can be very good lawyer, writer or a teacher. They are known for their straight and convincing approach in life.


2. Open minded and reasonable- No, everything is not fair in love and war!

September borns can be really cool in difficult situations. Where people struggle between their inherited believes and today’s practicality, these people do what’s right and un-manipulative. This is why they are straight forward and people usually call it –Muh-fat– actually it’s speaking the truth!


3. Lover of all things beautiful and sensual

Beautiful things attract them, be it materialistic or humane. They have a special corner for it and they will spot and appreciate any cute and adourable thing they come across, no matter what situation they are. Same goes with sensuality. They simply can’t ignore these!


4. They have a tendency to over think and worry at times-“Soch… kabhi bhi aa sakti hai mere dost!”

This is very normal for them. Actually, for everybody… we tend to over think. Instead we should take action after some considerable time to save ourselves from further trouble.


5. Looks for perfection in everything they do

They will always combine logic and intuition in dealing with life in general. If they do not get their desired derivation, they will keep trying unless they succeed. Good for them, but sometimes trouble for others!


6. Sometimes sexy in a way that only their lover can understand

I know you were waiting to hear that! 😛 Inke pyaar dikhane ka andaaz hai nirala! People who understand their nature will know when they are showing affection and when they are taunting… lol !


7. Quickly they get bored of life- need natural energizers very often

People born in September seek adventure, happening events and hate monotony. But wait! They do find relief by walking barefoot on the grass (or close to a body of water) to regenerate from the earth’s magnetic field.


8. They can eat anything

Their body and metabolism are both well equipped to deal with all types of food. Hence they are very adaptable to the place they travel. Even if they don’t get to eat, they can survive on cups of Chai for the whole day at a stretch… Woah!


9. September borns are the happiest when they are in a relationship

Not just love, but any kind of relationships makes them go alive… they cannot survive alone if lost in an Island. Someone has to be there or else they will go bananas and loose the hope to live! Don’t leave them EVER.


10. Love to travel!

Their passion, their goal, their diaries are filled with travel stories, or the places they wish to travel but can’t due to some reasons. Don’t lose hope buddy! You have your whole life to earn and then have fun!


11. They loose themselves in books, they find themselves there too!

Reading is one of the few things they are interested in. It’s not uncommon to see a September born with a book or Kindle in hand as they watche television, for example. Also, don’t be surprised to find some learning books with them, since they prefer to be perfect in everything they do… if you know what I mean! 😉


Gifs source: Tumblr.com and Giphy.com