10 Unusual Gifts You Can Gift To Your Bestie on Their Birthday

10 Unusual Gifts You Can Gift To Your Bestie on Their Birthday

Best friends are the best part of our lives and there is nothing better than a bestie who goes a mile ahead for you. Here are a few things you could do for your best friend on her birthday and make her realize that she is the luckiest person ever possible to have a friend like you.

Collage: Prepare a sweet collage of all your photographs that you have had with your best friend especially the crazy ones and tell them how much you cherish those moments.


DIY Jewellery: Go crazy and whacky to be doing something completely unexpected for your bestie that she won’t ever expect. Make her a DIY jewellery and as she is a jewellery hoarder, she will absolutely love it.
Gift Jar: Write small and sweet messages for her future and collect them together in a jar. Ask her to read one-by-one all of them every day. That will make her smile and remember you.
Bake Day: Why not experiment with cooking and bake her a sweet cake from your end ? Imagine that perfect smile on her face when she sees her favorite chocolate cake from her favorite person !
Surprise Get Together: This could be the perfect surprise for her on her birthday when you ask all her friends to come over and make her day picture perfect.
A Chocolate Assortment: Go easy on yourself and just get her the chocolates you know she adores to death. You being the best friend will know this for sure!
Post-It Surprises: Be a little mysterious and leave post it clues for her to reach to her ultimate gift. This will amp up her excitement and make her happy as she accomplishes each clue.
Their Favorite Bucketlist Read: Get her a collection of books you know she was planning to read since long. This way you add a personal touch to the gift and tell her how you know her the best.
A Spa Day: There is nothing better than a spa day. Getting rid of that stress from your mind and just relaxing is all anyone can dream of.
Driving Out Session: Just reach down to her place with your fuel tank full and you two can leave for a day-long road trip and trust us she will never forget it.

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