10 Ways to Achieve Perfectly Glowing Skin

10 Ways to Achieve Perfectly Glowing Skin

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All the girls are simply obsessed with the fact that their skin should look extremely glowing and beautiful at all times. Achieving that is not that easy since we do not know the right ways to do that. Just read through these excellent ways to make your skin glowing and beautiful.

Cut a lemon in half and apply honey and sugar on the slice top. Rub this on problem areas and it results in ex-foliating the skin in a better way.
Ingredients required will be 1/2 cup honey, 1/2 cup olive oil, 1 cup brown sugar &2 tablespoon water. Mix and apply the mixture for 15-20 minutes and you will see stark difference in first 2 weeks only. 


Always remove your make up with moisturiser or baby oil after you return home. This is very essential since the oils in make up tend to get into your skin and does not let your skin breath.
You will require 3 tablesoon Sea Salt, 2 tablespoon Lemon Juice, 1 tablesoon Olive Oil. Mix the sea salt and olive oil, then add the lemon juice and thoroughly mix together. Apply to skin and scrub by gently massaging in circular motions for 2-4 minutes. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.


Remember CTM formula forever. Everyday your skin requires these 3 things: Cleansing, toning and moisturising. If you fail to skip even one step your skin will get dull and oily.
Green tea has been said to have immense powers out of which one of the best power is that it detoxifies your body giving you an excellent skin texture making your body get rid of all those acne building monsters.
Be hydrated all the time. One cannot emphasize much on how important water is for your skin to look perfect. The more you consume water, the better you feel and the better you feel is the better you look!
Wash your face with soda water. Carbonated water is said to be a brilliant face cleansing agent. And using it to clean your face gets back the brilliance and glow of your skin.
Rub cucumber/ potato on your face. Slice the potato or cucumber to half and apply it as you rub it through on your skin. Wash it off with cold water after 15 minutes and you will observe how refreshed and rejuvenated your skin looks.
Eat right. Please do not go for those dipped in oil kind of food and always eat the right kind of food. The kind of nutrition that you serve your body is directly related to how amazing and beautiful your skin looks. So ensure it is absolutely right.



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