10 Ways to Become More Likeable Among Your College Friends

10 Ways to Become More Likeable Among Your College Friends

College being the most SWAG place, we all desire of being the most loved in the group. This attii anivarya (Very important) thing makes to the top of our bucket list. So being liked by our college friends is like craving for an ice-cream, we can not rest till we get it. So here are 10 uber cool ways to grab LIKES on you in college:


1. Do a lot of talking. Keep yourself updated about everything be it the news or college gossip so you can contribute to the conversation.


2. Be confident when you talk about anything. Have your own opinion and stick to it so your friends know of your existence.


3. Wear presentable clothes! No denying that in college looks do matter and with presentable I don’t mean only ZARA and GUESS, you’ve to wear something that suits you.


4. Make new friends, introduce them to your group. So now you become the common connect and both the old and the new friends seek you for things.


5. Try to be the part of most of the outing plans made by friends. Everyone loves the people who can equally enjoy amongst them.


6. And there might be times when you can not, then next day take all the updates.


7. In the initial few days you might have to pamper your friends. Remember: Kuch free mein nahi milta rule.


8. Laugh and laugh a lot. You might not like their jokes but they’re your friends and you want them to like you back so you’ve got to like them.


9. Be willing to sometimes go over the edge for them. They should have confidence in you and then you actually become their saccha dost. 


10. If none of this work, don’t lose on hope. Have a Saanu ki fark penda hai attitude and enjoy college!


So, if someday these pointers help you make good friends for LIFE you can write a personal mail to the author. :) For now SHARE and spread likability!