10 Ways to Carry Salwar Suit to College and Look Stunningly Sexy

10 Ways to Carry Salwar Suit to College and Look Stunningly Sexy

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We Indians have a habit of underestimating our own power to look stunningly sexy in everything we wear and think that we look nice only in designer wears or probably ZARA and the new favorite Forever21. However, that falls a lie the moment Indian woman dons on a suit or a saree. The sheer beauty of Indian elegance is well graced in suits. So here are 10 ways to carry salwar suit to college and look extremely stunning in that.

1. The Girl-Next Door Look: Salwar suit gives you that cute charm of the girl next door and at the same time makes you look stand out of the crowd. So go for the chickenkari white suit and white salwar and compliment it with a tie and dye chunni to look exuberant.
2. The South Indian Style: Instead of the conventional Southern style of white saree with golden border, go for white suit with golden sleeves and golden bandh gala neck-line and you will be stunned to see the eyes turning towards you for your styling quotient.
3. Pop Colors Experiment: When you’re willing to experiment, go try out different colors. Starting from pale pink to the beautiful mint green or may bright yellow. When it comes to suit, any color looks equally vibrant and beautiful.
4. Go Mix and Match: `Pick a bright color and combine it with a neutral shade while styling a suit and salwar. For instance, if your suit is yellow, go in for an off-white salwar and chunni. It looks simply stunning.
5. Don’t dress to Impress: The day you decide that you do not have to dress to impress is the day you will learn the art of perfect outfit styling. Girls do not think twice about suit and salwar, just go for it and stand out in the crowd.
6. Patiala-Way: Anything that involves patiala makes you high. Be it the patiala peg or the patiala salwar. The amazing beauty of suit will be high scored if combined with patiala salwar. This look simply has no competition.
7. The right fit: Though we all know how important the right fit is for any outfit, while it is a suit and salwar, the fit is most important. The suit should be well fitted and body hugging in order to ensure that buying ativan online https://www.yourcanadianpharmacy.net/anxiety-/ativan/!
8. Why not Change?: Aren’t you bored with those tees and jeans every day? This will be your air of change and will definitely make all your friends turn their heads in your direction.
9. Comfort Zone: The best benefit of the suit and salwar is the comfort zone that it brings along. The airy salwar and the cotton suit is the perfect choice in these summers!
10. Confidence is the Key: Rule is that there is no rule. Just smile and wear anything you feel good about and you’re already so stunningly sexy!


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Word of Advice: A fish tail braid looks excellent with suit and salwar. :)

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