10 Ways to Deal With College Ragging

10 Ways to Deal With College Ragging

So, now that the Delhi university’s cut-off has done the torture on the students, here is the time to have easy hacks to deal with the torture that you might face in college ragging. All those students who dread the 1st day in the college will be full of ragging. don’t worry we have got ways to get you out of the situations in a clean sweep way. Read it out!


1. Walk confidently and be well aware of where you are heading.



2. Move in a group of 2-3 people.



3. Completely avoid over-reacting to things and being the good-guy/girl trying to save others.


4. Strict no to showing-off.



5. Do not hide behind others. It is an obvious sign that you are scared.



6. Do not panic. Even if someone catches hold of you, be chilled and smile at whatever comes.



7. Act smart. You can get over them with smart and witty answers to the things they might ask you for.



8. Try and make friends with seniors instead of avoiding them. They are nice people too.


9. Do not start lecturing and saying that you will complain to the Principal.



10. Even if something embarrassing happens, do not worry. It is just the 1st day. Nobody will remember it after sometime.


Also, seniors please remember you also were once a fuccha in the college. So be gentle with these freshers. All the Best guys!

Gif Source: Tumblr.com