10 Ways To Identify When a Guy is Hitting On You

10 Ways To Identify When a Guy is Hitting On You

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all the guys interested in us just came up to us and asked us out. But something in the male psyche prevents this. I have no idea what.

awkward ask out

So every now and then you will get hit on by a guy and you won’t even realize it because he did not ask you directly. Now it is awesome if you do not like the guy, but what if you are interested. This list will help you identify when a guy is hitting on you, so you can quickly do something about all the signs of unwanted attention from the creepers and the all so wanted attention from that crush of yours.

Fraandship karoge?

fraandship karoge?

  • Found in – school, college campus, neighborhood
  • How to identify – there is no particular reason this guy should want to be friends with you but still is
  • Stalker factor – 6/10
White knight syndrome

white knight syndrome

  • Found in – college campus, office, uncles
  • How to identify – seeks to help you even if you don’t want his help. His help is particularly useful. He gets upset or angry when you don’t take his advice.
  • Stalker factor – 8/10 – can become a stalker if you lead him on too much or take too much help
Friends and family group plan

family plan


  • Found in – family friends, good boys, achievers
  • How to identify – seeks to impress you by impressing your family. You couldn’t really care less if your brother thinks he is super-cool, but all of such things are brownie points to him so that one day he can be baffled that you still said “No” to him.
  • Stalker factor – 5/10 – low risk, since family is usually involved.
Follow you home


  • Found in – anywhere
  • How to identify – follows you home, or to your hostel. You might find him often loitering around your favorite hang out spots.
  • Stalker factor – 9/10 – high risk, bachke rahiyo.
Writes you poems, songs publicly or anonymously

song dedication

  • Found in – budding artists, bands, art school, frustrated artists association
  • How to identify – if you find yourself frequently inspiring creativity in a guy which makes him sing songs and poems, remember it is not just inspiration making him creative, but also a healthy dose of fantasizing ;-).
  • Stalker factor – 7/10 – medium risk, but you will feel bad if you hurt him since this type goes into majnu-land most often.
Gifts you mushy or expensive gifts

stupid gift

  • Found in – anywhere
  • How to identify – if you find yourself unwarranted gifts of the expensive kind or a few too many teddy bears and soft-toys, it might be time to rethink your gift collection cupboard if you want to take this forward.
  • Stalker factor – 8/10 – risky, since he is investing in you so much. Only accept the gifts if you really like the guy (this is common-sense but that is uncommon).
Confidently approach you and ask you out

ask out

  • Found in – playboys, casanovas, jerks, bad boys
  • How to identify – you will know. this is what we all want – but seldom happens. Beware of guys approaching directly and asking you to make out or do something sexual with them – that is not called “hitting on you”, unless that is exactly what you wanted 😉
  • Stalker factor – 2/10 – usually too much ego to place you ahead of their own interests. Some jerks can become stalkerish – but thats a post for another day.
Ask for your help in studies or professional matter


  • Found in – class-mate, school-mate, office-mate
  • How to identify – when you find that your help can be so sought after – which usually never happens – especially from someone like him.
  • Stalker factor – 7/10 – medium risk just because you cannot just get rid of these guys by ignoring them. They are in your class or office and you will have to deal with them somehow.
Female opinion seeker

  • Found in – mall, clothing store, online
  • How to identify – when you suddenly find yourself feeling like you are the judge of a male fashion show and the guy immediately regrets asking your opinion once you open your mouth – if he really wanted it he would be fine with it 😀
  • Stalker factor – 3/10 – low risk. Can be ignored easily.
Selective joker

funny guy

  • Found in – parties, friend circle, new friend intros
  • How to identify – when you find someone making you laugh or trying to cheer you up all the time, but then your friends tell you that he is doing that only with you.
  • Stalker factor – 5/10 – normal risk like with any guy. May become or may not become a deewanaa.


So girls, now that you are armed with this knowledge of the romantic signals of guys, you can choose to ignore them quickly or lead them into falling in love with you 😉

This is not a complete list by any means. How have you been hit on? Tell us in the comments.

All images sourced from: tumblr.com