10 Ways To Know Who Is Jealous Of You

10 Ways To Know Who Is Jealous Of You

Ek samay ki baat hai when jealousy was related to resentment, however now it has nothing to do with rivalry. Someone can be jealous of the fact that you don’t make grammatical errors in your Facebook status to how sexy you look in that hot pants. So, while the reason could be anything, here are 10 signs to show whose jealous of you and HOW:


1. The STALKERS: They will stalk you on probably every social media platform possibly just to check if by chance you’re sad so that it makes their day. 



2. The Sweet-TALKERS: On your face they’ll be at their best behavior whereas on the other hand they cant stop bitching about you.


3. The TURN-AROUNDERS: Every time you will feel that it is over, you can turn around and see their faces in the most awful structure in a way loathing you.


4. The NO-CO-OPERATORS: The ones who will never ever co-operate when you need help even in the most desperate times. They will only be running out of the ground.


5. The BE-FRIENDERS: They try and barge into your friends and your zone just to find a way how to win them over from you. *angry*


6. The MATERIALISERS: The moment you’ll buy something extremely amazing, this bunch of jealous folks crop up just to make you feel low again.


7. The ATTENTION-CRAVERS: This is the bunch who are only seen around being all jealous for you’re getting the attention that they badly crave for.


8. The MEANERS: This type of jealous are straight out from The Gossip Girls and are rude straight to your face for apparently no-reason.


9. The DRAGGERS: This is the meanest of the lot as they probably don’t find anything better in their lives but to drag an age old issue that happened just to get back to you.


10. The CHASERS: They will suck the life out of you by chasing you down every where just to take up your case for a random reason which did not even matter to you. But for them it is question of JEALOUSY.


So, to now that you have the words of wisdom just simply stay away from the jealous types because they would do you no good. SHARE if you already knew one of these kinds.