10 Ways to Rock an LBD

10 Ways to Rock an LBD

Black is always something that we can don on all the time and yet be happy about our dressing powers. It makes us look slim; it has given us the grace and the power to know that we are not going wrong with our outfit. And when it comes to striking it right with LBD, we all kind of fret about how to match up and keep the fashion quotient high. Here are ten ways to rock the LBD:

The Right Length: While wearing a Little Black Dress, the most important thing is to check the right length of the dress. Do not make it too short that it makes you feel uncomfortable.
The Lucky RED Lips: Add a touch of brightness to your look by adding red lip color paired with your black dress. It ultimately accentuates the look making you look absolutely gorgeous.
Pumping in Pumps: Go all the way sky high with amazing nude colored pumps paired with your LBD and look simply amazing with all that right fit attitude!
Perfect Sling: Going to a party and carrying your world around in a small sling with an LBD is the right choice that you are making girl. Just pair it nicely and block the black with a different color.


Voluminous Hair: Go all the way messy by adding a lot of volume to your hair as you backcomb them before the party. This will give you an edgy appeal, and you can perfect all the selfies this way!


The Smokey-Eye Appeal & Little Black Mascara: With that black dress, what better make up will be suited than the smokey-eye with a loud touch of mascara to highlight those glittering eyes!


The Right Accessories: Wear a bracelet or add a touch of luxury by adding a gold watch on your arm. Nowadays following the trend, you can also add a hand harness to your look and rock it completely.


Your perfect moves and that straight walk: High-heels, shoulder straight, chin up and walk! That is exactly the way to look absolutely stunning in a LBD.
A Bit of Experimenting: Why not go in for a strange experiment as you add different elements to your dress. Carry a leopard print sling or may be a shimmering stole or add a touch of geeky with specs and be the talk of the town!
Adding a Serious Dose of Bling: When your outfit is as minimalistic as a short black dress, you seriously need a serious dose of bling. That could be your clutch in your accessories.


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Image Sources: Tumblr.com