10 Weird Things that Happen When You Have a Crush on Your...

10 Weird Things that Happen When You Have a Crush on Your Teacher

We teenagers are the craziest of the lot and when we fall in love, it is literally blind. And as the saying goes, there is nothing that matters when love is true so we do not realize the age of the person we fall for. So, here are 10 things that happen when we fall unconditionally and irrevocably in love with our teacher:

1. Background music playing in the classroom like ‘Main Hoon Na’ with guitar and singers.



2. We learn all the answers of that particular subject just to get into the eyes of our LOVE.



3. Every time they laugh you go all Awwwww…..



4. Everything about your teacher is beautiful starting from their scold to the way they draw a line on the board.



5. When there is a holiday, all you can think of is the next day at school.



6. Even if they crack a silly joke, you end up laughing because you don’t want to make them sound stupid.



7. Your attendance in the class is the highest and all your friends envy you.



8. Your LOVE has often caught you red-handed day dreaming about them and punished you for the same.



9. Your parents find you studying only one subject and wonder if that is your future goal.



10. You can not help but think how it would be if they were also a student in the class instead of being a teacher. 

So, as long as your CRUSH on Your Teacher is just that, these symptoms are perfectly normal. But beware, do not get too involved in to all this as there is no future! So better STUDY.


Source: Tumblr.com and Pinterest