10 Worst Things That Happened in 2K15

10 Worst Things That Happened in 2K15

The year is set to go by and we are all still wondering how this whole year went by at such a pace. But looking back the entire time, we all will realize so much happened in this 2015. Though there will be a lot of things to remember, here are a few worst things in 2015 we wish to never think of again and leave them in this year gone by.

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput getting married: Breaking hearts of millions of girls, Shahid Kapoor married a Delhi-based JMC girl who overnight became the talk of the town aka Mira Rajput. Every girl’s current enemy, she managed to score the biggest heart throb of the country.

Source: Shahid Kapoor Instagram

Dilwale: How when we think of a SRK movie which intends to marks the comeback of DDLJ couple, we get our hopes sky high. And then we went into theatres religiously following SRK and watched Dilwale and it simply broke our heart!
Odd-even rule: Since, we Delhiites love our convenience and the attitude that we have the newly odd-even sets us in chills. The simple thought of not being able to take our cars in the winter chills of January is already being counted into the worst thing of the year gone by and the year to come.
Maggi Ban: How this became the biggest breaking news of the country and took away breath of millions of people. With the maggi ban we knew our lives will not be the same and we survived this shock for over 4 months where nobody could get any maggi.
Arvind Kejriwal became the CM: The muffler guy was designated as the CM of Delhi and Delhi lost its charm of being the coolest city of the country. He brought so much of aam aadmi into the city that now everybody is so aam & simply boring.


Zayn Malik Quits One Direction: The saddest news came to all of us when Zayn Malik the heart throb of millions suddenly decided to leave one direction and left us all wondering what happened. Saddest year ever. *sigh*
Salman Khan Conviction Suspended: This marked the era of sadness, not for the Salman fans ofcourse. But for the poor black buck who is now the chief suspect in the Salman’s hit and run case. Poor Buck!
Porn Ban: We the country of Kamasutra suddenly thought of a great brilliant idea when we banned porn in our country. This decision was taken thinking the morals of the country men but porn ban turned out the worst news for Indian Politicians sitting in Rajya Sabha too. *giggles*
Award Waapsi: Suddenly the consciousness of people rose to new levels when they came face to face with intolerance of people towards things and they started returning their awards. Funny enough a lot of celebrities and winners denied on it and this epic controversy lost its charm soon enough.
On a serious note: Leaving the funny things aside, the true problems that we would actually want to leave in this year and never come face to face again are Paris Attacks, Nepal Earthquake, Chennai Floods, Syria War and many other such disasters. We humans have the power to make a world worth living so lets inculcate all the best practices and work towards it.


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