What Does Your Hand Size Reveals About Your Personality?

What Does Your Hand Size Reveals About Your Personality?


People who have more squared palm than other shares are generally more realistic than being idealists.

These people are generally so very practical and logical that they are often puzzled when asked to think more creatively and unconventional things. That’s probably the problem with thinking too much from their heads.



People with longer fingers have the curiosity fluid deeply injected in them.

They tend to be more interested in knowing what lies ahead of them than digging in their past.

And those who shorter fingers are indeed great at leadership, they tend to make good front-runners.



The ones with small hands usually prefer taking less-travelled, tough roads than the conventional ones.

People with small hands are adventure loving, they enjoy being excited about small things. Their relationships aren’t just extra romantic or platonic but also bumpy and wild.



Small handed people are diplomatic in their approach of life.

They are always of the opinion that simple yet logical solutions to problems should be given more consideration than hypothetical ones or simply assumptions.

Large handed people are sticklers for perfection and thoughtful of things.

They usually prefer looking at things from perfectionist perspective and hence they discard all the unorderly stuff. They are quick to reject messed up offers or things. Also they have the trait of being empathic.



All in all, none of the above are bad people to hang out with, those with small hands and the ones with large ones. After all everybody is so beautiful in our world. Spread love. 😀