11 Adorable Things We All Have Experienced In Our Relationship

11 Adorable Things We All Have Experienced In Our Relationship

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Love is something which should always stay in the air! And to keep up with it, small things always make big differences. So, here we go with 11 most adorable things that we all have experienced in our relationship by now.

They not only keep the spirit of love alive but never let them fade because of time:


  1. Texting from dusk to dawn without blinking an eye. Why? Because she wants to talk!


  2. Late night phone calls even when you are super sleepy. #Boys know what I am saying.. 😛


  3. Meeting him/her before or after the tuition because those 5 minutes made the real difference.


  4. Surprise sending of flowers to him/her place. What for? Just to make your loved one smile.


  5. Lying to your parents for your first date because hampering your first date is a big NO-NO.


  6. Writing a chit between your class and pass it on to your crush to ask, ‘Do you also like me?’


  7. Feeling goosebumps for the first time while you held her hand in public!


  8. The first compliment you gave to each other. And the most awaited one as well! “Yes, he/she really likes me!”


  9. The nacho you had from his/her hand at your first movie! “Should I bite his finger or not?” 😛


  10. Standing and waiting at a particular place without giving a miss on any day.. Just to get a single glance of his/her.


  11. Buying that heart shaped balloon for her from the street or that perfect Archies teddy bear! Because no matter what small things have the most impactful impressions..


    Share your special moments with us and we will be happy to list them out!

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