9 Bargaining Tips Every Girl Must Know

9 Bargaining Tips Every Girl Must Know

Bargaining is every girl’s birth right and should be done at any cost no matter how rich you are and if you really need that product or not. If you are not bargaining in street shopping, you are practically draining all your money. So here are some life-saving bargaining tips you must know.

The true shopping spree is incomplete if you buy the clothes and shoes at the quoted price without a bargain.


You must have a true belief in yourself and know that the shopkeeper never knows the right price of the product. Its only you who knows how much it should be sold at.
Every product must cost at least 200 Rs. less than the quoted price. While bargaining, just straight away quote Rs. 200 less.
Na aapki na meri” is the staple dialogue of every bargaining conversation. You just use it and the shopkeeper’s heart will melt in selling you the product for low price.
Saying that we saw it in the other shop at the bargained price is something which always works. If it does not we have other secret weapons too.
Threatening the shopkeeper that you do not want it will make him cry and beg on his knees for you to buy the product from his shop only.
If you tell him a straight no about the fact that you do not need the dress now is not a wise decision since he is bound to believe it and now won’t fall for it.
If the shopkeeper is too stingy to sell it in the quoted price, just know that you’re losing the battle and it is high time to increase the bid a little else he will be disinterested.
Finally, if nothing works you can try some crying and girly behaviour to make him fall for the tactic and may be the product is all yours.


PS.: These tips and tricks are not to be taken very seriously. They only work at street markets and not in malls.

Gif Sources: Tumblr.com