11 Misleading Facts That You Think Are True About Quiet People

11 Misleading Facts That You Think Are True About Quiet People

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In this era of spontaneity, we have narrowed down choice of friends to one specific personality style. We’re told that to be great is to be bold, to be happy is to be sociable. We see ourselves as a nation of extroverts—which means that we’ve lost sight of who we really are.

In the same World exist ‘Quiet People’. Yes we are quiet, but we all are not Introverts! We also have voice, but we don’t speak up all the time because there are about 10 million reasons right from being shy, to hating you, to having sold our voice in return of having some respect for ourselves, to simply being comfortable in our skin. We might sound serious all the time, but hey! we are more interactive and hilarious than you, when in the right company. We would like to clear out some highly misunderstood myths about our nature, that make you think we are same inside out…

#1. We don’t lack social skills. In fact, we are more outgoing and vocal if people around accept us the way we are and not judge us for being quiet.

#2. You think we lack confidence? It’s just that we have our own process… don’t laugh…that’s really true!

This is your algorithm ->
1. Thinking what to say
2. Just saying it.
This is ours ->
1. Thinking what to say
2. Is this what I really think?
3. Is this something I really want to say out loud?
4. How should I say it?
5. Waiting for a pause in the conversation to get a word in.
6. Wait, maybe I should rephrase that.
7. Okay, now I’m ready.
8. Finally saying it.

#3. Na na! Don’t think that we consider ourselves smarter/deeper than you, that’s why we keep quiet. Sometimes, we just like being a happy good listener.

#4. If we are not talking, it doesn’t declare that we are looking for your help. It’s our way of saying-“I accept your opinion, it’s just that I don’t like to unnecessary counter your views”

#5. If we stare at you without saying anything, that doesn’t mean we are mad at you. We are just figuring out what to say- no hard feelings really!

#6. Do we wish to be left alone? well, not 70% of the time. We do enjoy our own company, but we cherish being with friends and family too.. without making our presence felt.

#7. We look like introverts, but that’s what we look like-only! actually we talk to people who talk to us. that’s it.

#8. People think that quiet ones are not good at speaking in public. That’s an old school thought. In fact they can speak on any given topic, if trusted. while extroverts speak on topics of their own interest only.

#9. Quiet people have set boundaries- Don’t Like Getting Out of the House and Doing Things- Even that’s not true. They have great hobbies, they also depend on friends just as much as anyone else, but just a few close ones, as opposed to keeping up with dozens of people.

#10. It’s a myth that quiet people think negative most of the time, hence they are declared depressed. Though it might be true in some cases, but most people have a pretty strong need for friends. Surveys have proved that outgoing people are more depressed than quiet people. They just don’t know it.

#11. Myth-Quiet ones are boring and have no life. That’s so not true! We’re uniquely fun. Sure, we don’t like to participate in drunken karaoke, or sip piña colada’s in elite social clubs. But we have fun in different ways – like book clubs, pottery classes, and designing our own web-comics, playing with fire etc..

The purpose of this article was to disperse the most popular and harmful myths about quiet people. So, if you think that I’ve missed any you feel are important, please add them below. :)

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