11 Questions You Must Answer Before Living in Together

11 Questions You Must Answer Before Living in Together

There are times in a long term relationship when the question of moving in together does really crop up. And it is a big call to take. So before just plunging into the decision, ask each other these questions and then make up your mind about it.

Do you really see this going ahead?


Living together is a big decision. And until and unless you are not really in to the relationship, please do not think about it.

Are you ready for this commitment?


Seeing someone all the time and making everything of their routine as yours is a difficult task to achieve. So are you really ready for that kind of a commitment?

Is the love sufficient?


You two might be in a relationship with lots of love and intimacy around but when you move in together a lot more also comes into picture, so until you’re too sure that your love can handle all that, do not take the plunge.

Are your families really OK with it?


Yes, it is your life and your decisions but your parents have raised you and they also have an equal say in this big life decision of yours. So until they do not approve of you two being together, do not do this.

How are you going to keep the spark alive?


When you’re just in to a relationship, you try to keep the mystery there and it is easier to keep the spark alive. But once you move in, it takes efforts to keep things a notch up.

What after this?


You two must already talk out that what is your exact plan of action after this? Is this ever going to lead to marriage or is it just a test? Being on different pages while moving in screws things up.

What about the finances?


Are you both capable enough of managing the finances and keeping things separate when it comes to money matters? Pre-decide on how it all is going to work out before hand.

How are you going to manage your personal space?


A live-in is a lot more different than a marriage and hence, both the partners ask for personal space at times. So, already discussing on when and how it will function always helps.

What is the real reason of doing it?


Are you doing this just because it feels good and convenient? Then trust us it is not a reason good enough. Do it for true love and commitment towards the other person and not because you 2 live too far off and commuting becomes difficult.

How well can you handle arguments?


If you two are mature enough to manage your arguments and not get too adversely affected by small pitfalls then only this should come in to picture.

What if it not works out?


This is the most vital question that needs to be addressed. Pre-decide on how to manage and work things out later if this all does not function as per the plan!

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