11 Reasons Why Pets Are Ideal Friends For Teenagers

11 Reasons Why Pets Are Ideal Friends For Teenagers

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How does it feel when you know that someone is waiting for you at home? Despite the fact that you left them alone whole day, they welcome you with same passion, zest and liveliness in their eyes, like no human can…! Having a pet is one of the greatest joys of life. It can be very refreshing to interact with another species besides a human being. Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. Here are a few things pets unknowingly do to you…


  1. People who love pets live longer- It eliminates risks like widespread inactivity and obesity- the root causes of all the deadly diseases!

  2. Pet lovers are healthier- How many people would actually get any exercise if it weren’t for overenthusiastic dogs?”

  3. Pet lovers are happier than most people. Chances are that humans don’t understand the language of love and happiness- Animals understand this and nothing else! Respect them :)

  4. Animals make us laugh genuinely. No funny dialogues/ mimicry/ language other than pure gestures are things that touch our hearts!

  5. After all, not every person knows how to love a pet, but every pet knows how to love a person.

  6. They offer unconditional love, if you know how to get it…

  7. Our pets are the only one who provide unbiased companionship…best one in your whole life!

  8. They alleviate our loneliness… even when we don’t even know about their well being!

  9. They have the power to reduce your stress at any age, situation or point of time.

  10. For many people, pets also provide a reason to get moving… They are a great inspiration!

  11. Pets are more sensitive to the needs of humans than vice-versa.

Be the person your pet thinks you are! :)

Anyone who enjoys the companionship of an animal already knows the facts for which science seeks proof. The unconditional love and devotion that flows from the heart of a pet is good for us… Go get this experience if you have kept yourself devoid of it!

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