11 Reasons Why You Should Take Exams Pressure Lightly And Not Give...

11 Reasons Why You Should Take Exams Pressure Lightly And Not Give A Damn

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Part of living a bold life, a fearless life, is knowing when you just shouldn’t give a damn. Here are a few truths about a life after these exams. Sometimes we must have the courage, the guts, sometimes even the anger, to not care about the possible consequences so that we have the freedom to live life on our own terms.

1) After this month-long bloody period, nobody is going to give a damn about you and your marks.



2) Things in life are lot more relevant than Newton’s Laws , Einstein’s equations , Pythagoras and Trigonometric ratios . These intelligent men and women were cooler than what little we know about them.



3) Some stupids (Relatives , Neighbours and all those who asked for your Roll No.s but didn’t even wish you Best of Luck) shouldn’t determine your be permitted to stress you any little.



4) Merit or your intelligence can never be measured by any test. We all know people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Einstein, Walt Disney were  less than average. You were born to do great things in life.



5) Even if you do not do well, you cannot give anyone the right to discriminate, tease or humiliate you. You are not to be known by your % or grades, but from the kind of person you are.



6) Ends cannot justify means. Nor can a result discard/devalue all that you learnt through out the year. Your experience and learnings are everything.



7) You were born to stand out. Why trying fitting in their check boxes? You know if you are extra-ordinarily genius you will actually never match that answer key, used to judge everybody else!


8) A system that judges your ability to re-produce all that you were expected to mug up. You aren’t here for RE-PRODUCTION , you are rather too small for it. LOL



9) You don’t owe explanation to anyone. The cause of their disappointments is their own expectations. Life is about cooperation not competition. May we all make it.



10) The blunt truth is, what they want you to learn is half of what you will never remember in your life,and the other half you are instantly going to forget! Because you are actually never going to use any of it.



11) Most important reason why exams don’t deserve it – They are a part of failed system themselves!


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