11 Signs You Are Addicted To Candy Crush Saga

11 Signs You Are Addicted To Candy Crush Saga

The world is divided into two, first Candy Crush lovers and then Candy Crush haters. And yes I am at the first hand. It’s been my favoritest game for the longest time and I hope it stays like that.

Here’s a reply to all the haters of Candy Crush Saga:



1. It’s your favorite pass time while traveling or every night when bored before you sleep.


2. You get very pissed if someone disturbs you while you are playing.


3. You have a lot of respect for the co-players and levels they have reached. As you know how hard it is, to get there!


4. Now you know the actual meaning of ‘Life.’

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5. You are in love with those beautiful colored candies.

Girl Bag

6. With every level you clear, it boosts your confidence for the next.

Girl Bag


7. You feel like a kid when get excited to see new levels and boosters!



8. You believe in sending lives & moves and appreciate who does the same.

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9. You keep a track of your daily competitors and boast about your achievements.


10. You sleep in peace when clear one level in one go.

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11. And can’t believe if it happens more than once without losing lives!



“Yes, I play Candy Crush Saga and I am not a terrorist.”


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