11 Signs You Have Emotional People Around

11 Signs You Have Emotional People Around

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In a world where being mean and sarcastic is the new cool, we get struck by some emotional ones too. Emotional people are one of the most toughest people to deal with and one needs to be very pretty careful about his/her words when with them.

So, to be on the safer side, let’s know a bit more about  them:


1. Emotional people are always involved into too many thoughts at one time. “Aah.. this.. No.. that.. mmm..”


2. They believe in over thinking and over analyzing every thing, ‘You told me you dislike me on 24th June 2014 at 6.45 p.m‘.


3. They aren’t as socially comfortable as you might think them to be. ‘Mmm.. You guys carry on, I am having a headache.’


4. Emotions make them take every joke to their heart very easily. ‘It wasn’t very funny dude!’


5. Expressing without crying is quite difficult for them. *sobs*


6. Sometimes they even don’t know what has hurt them. ‘Why everything is so complicated?’


7. Make sure you carry a box of tissues whenever watch senti movies with them.


8. Emotional quotes as WhatsApp profile pic? Emo found, emo found!


9. Break ups, rom-coms, sad stories aren’t their cup of tea.


10. But empathizing with everyone else in life is surely your cup of tea!


11. Weddings, anger, love yous, fights, happiness, hugs all are = Tears for them.

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