11 Slangs You Need To Survive The World Today!

11 Slangs You Need To Survive The World Today!

The internet generation has become so prompt and fast-paced that now we need words to say a 4-letter sentence because in a way we are running out of time! We have ventured into a world wherein talking is a thing of long-last past and texting is the only way to go. So here are 11 slangs that we have to deal with. No choice given!


1. Bae: You like the guy, the guy likes you back. The term was girlfriend-boyfriend. Where did this BAE come into picture from?

2. Adorbs: Seriously? I mean comparatively how long does saying Adorable take ?



3. Swag: Honey Singh has spoilt us all with this and there is no escaping from people’s SWAG.


4. OMFG: Oh-my-f****ing-God. No! Not to God at least. Save us the curse.


5. Nigga: For every reasons, this word should be officially banned forever!


6. BRB: I dont need to know if you’re gonna be back or not. Please do not write this to me.


7. AwesomeSauce: Haan? Why? What is so AwesomeSauce about the word?


8. Legit: There is nothing cool about legit. Trust me. It is a legit fact.


9. Epic: Everything becomes epic. If everything is epic then definitely epic has lost it’s true meaning.


10. YOLO: Yes everybody knows they only live once. So why to shorten it up for no reasons?


11. TTYL: If you write like this, please don’t TTYL with me again.


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Gif Source: Tumblr.com