11 Swagger Traits Only A Punjabi Can Pull Off

11 Swagger Traits Only A Punjabi Can Pull Off

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Being a Punjabi is one thing I am proud of and can boast about. From being the die hard fan of Jaguar song to downloading the whole Honey Singh playlist, we have it all. And yes, we are proud of it. Judge us or not, we will show off any way. 😛

Here comes a list straight from a Punjaban about the ‘swag’ we carry and how it differentiates us from others:

1. The friendly pat on the back or the ‘kaske jhappi!’


2. The quality of showering love with a gaali!


3. Coming late in every party & still be the jaan of it. Credits: funjabi moves & punjabi songs you got!


4. The selfless treats they throw when totally drunk!


5. The art of forgetting & forgiving. ‘Oh chadd yaara!’


6. Being over top even in the most subtle way situations.


7. The talent of making relations with every person they meet. ‘Ye mera bhai hai!’, ‘Wo teri hone wali bhabhi hai.’


8. Boasting about superiority comes very natural to them.’Oye! Nikaal apni Pajero.’


9. Being cool about saying stuff which isn’t so cool!


10. They are blunt in expressing their thoughts & emotions!


11. And the fact to accept and be proud of each & every quality they have!


P.S- Punjaabiyan di shaan vakhri!