11 Things Indian Parents Say To Their Kids To Get Married

11 Things Indian Parents Say To Their Kids To Get Married

Shaadi the most favorite word for the Indian Parents when their child is 22 years old. The only question that pops up in their head all the time is “Iski Shaadi Kab hogi?” So they come up with random explanations and reasons to get you trapped in the marriage proposal. So, if any of these lines are coming your way, just know that the marriage bell is already ringing in your parents’ mind.

1. Abhi nahi toh phir kab?: Dear parents we are just 22, we have a lot more to achieve than to shaadi ourselves.


2. Humari responsibility khatam ho jayegi: Arey? If you dont want our responsibility, we always tell you we can handle ourselves. Then why get married?


3. Sheela Aunty ki beti ki bhi toh ho gayi: Sheela Aunty’s daughter is not your daughter mom! She has bigger aims. 



4. Ek baar ladki dekh toh lo: If we want to see the girl and reject her post that (because we dont wanna get married), what is the point of seeing her?


5. Iss umar mein humse aur mehnat nahi hogi: Dont worry mom, dad we will help ourselves and find you a good bahu/ damaad in another 4-5 years.


6. Buraai hi kya hai shaadi mein: Nothing! Shaadi is a perfect institution but NOW is not the time.


7. Iske baad tumhe koi nahi milne wala: Aise kaise? I am educated, smart, beautiful.. Mil jayega. Chill mom.
8. Tumhari Kundli mein likha hai: Oh really? Then why does not the Pandit Ji go and find me a suitable match too? Unhe toh sab pata hai na.


9. Shaadi.com pe profile bana lo, ho sakta hai kuch rishtey aa jaaye.
10. Meri aur tumhari mummy ki bhi shaadi ho gayi thi iss umar tak: But it is a changed world now Dad. You should understand that.
11. Ab toh tujhe khaana banana bhi aa gaya hai: Uh-oh Mommy! You’re forgetting wo bhi you taught because apko shaadi ki jaldi thi. 



No offence Indian parents but this logic might not work now. You can find new one-liners. Hi-five people!


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