11 Translations from the Dating Translator – Things people say when you...

11 Translations from the Dating Translator – Things people say when you are dating and what they really mean

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Dating is awkward and annoying. You don’t know where you’re going to go or whether it will actually last. It’s a constant struggle of trying to size up the opposite person and the situation at hand. It also becomes very difficult to judge the situation when you’re so infatuated by someone. So wouldn’t it be amazing if you had your own personal guidebook to dating? You should definitely read our list!

1. “I’m not looking for a serious relationship at the moment.”


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This basically means that even if I am looking for a serious relationship, it’s definitely not with you. You don’t meet my criteria and that’s that.

2. “I just have a lot on my plate right now, I’m swamped with work.”


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If I really wanted to meet you, I’d find the time but sadly, I’m just not interested. I’m only telling you this because I really don’t want to be disturbed when I’m hanging out with my buddies by your incessant texting.

3. “I’m really close with my family, my sisters have taught me a lot about how to treat women.”


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I really like and want to impress you with my sensitive side so you’ll think I’m amazing. Also I’m looking for something serious so I need to know you’re a family person too.

4. “We should definitely hang out sometime, I’d love for you to meet my friends.”

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I really, really like you and I cannot wait to show you off to my friends also I kind of want their approval.

5. “So who’s Rishabh? You both seem pretty tight.”


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He wants to know if he has something to worry about because he’d rather not get into something complicated. Also he’s quite jealous but doesn’t want to be upfront about it.

6. “I’m really tired, I just want to watch some T.V. and pass out.”


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It’s either the truth and they’re actually really tired or you’re just not worth their time. Either way if someone’s really into you, they would make more of effort – at least in the beginning!

7. “He/she is pretty amazing, I have known them forever”

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Please don’t be jealous about them, it is going to get annoying and if you make me choose, I’m going to choose them so you’re better off keeping your mouth shut.

8. “You’re really fucking gorgeous.”


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Well this he definitely actually means but he also kind of wants to get into your pants. If you like him too, be a sport take the compliment and just smile.

9. “Of course she’s nice, I’m just very picky about who I hang out with.”


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I really don’t like her but I honestly do not want to pick a fight over one of your friends! Besides I’m hoping I don’t have to hang out with her too much and you’ll just drop this.

10. “No don’t leave, stay for another drink.”


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I really miss you when you’re gone. I cannot believe how much into you I am after only 5 dates! Please don’t make me beg you to stay.


11. “I take time to open up.”
don't give up on me
don’t give up on me

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I am socially anxious and shy but please give me more time!!! Please!!! Please!!!