11 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in July

11 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in July

Yea! The funniest of the lot belongs to the month of July. Friendly and sociable, their approach towards life is very grounded. They are always proud of their past, friends they made and their experiences in life. They know how to acknowledge anyone and judge people based on their personal experience. Here’s what we have to tell you about them.. dhyaan se padhna.. 😛


1. Exciting, determined and spirited.. Jeeyo jee bhar ke is their mantra of life!

Their life is full of mauj-masti. In situations where they can’t do much, they keep their spirits high and positive to make sure others are not getting affected by it. It’s their best trait!


2. Emotionally strong with charisma that can be addictive… ooohh what a personality!

Make way for this human, as this person has an addictive aura and spark that will brighten up your life! People make an effort to be in their company and try their best, not to disappoint them. Because as l said.. they are charming…


3. Concerned about people’s feelings. After-all, everyone is not the same!

Now a days very few of us are concerned about others feelings and situations. If you have a July born in your life, they will be the most caring and understanding one in your circle. Save them for life time!


4. Guides friends physically and mentally. ‘You gotta problem? go to this guy!’

They might not be following guidelines, but they are a very good opinion maker and criticizer as well. They will tell you the actual- real thing that will open your eyes to real World.


5. They hate rubbish and nonsensical talks.

Unnecessary things and talks piss them off. They cannot tolerate too much of bitching, gossiping and other time waisting activities. They prefer to be productive all the time. Not the right person to share-‘ Pata hai aaj pooja ne arjun ko kya kaha lunch time me?’


6. July borns are prone to getting hurt easily and they take a life time to recover.

‘Usne mujhe aise kaise bol diya.. how dare she!’ They might take the insult personally, even though they know it from inside that the other person din’t mean it seriously. ‘Ab manate raho inhe’ 😛


7. They let go of things after a time. Badla lena nahi aata inhe.

But yes, even if they get hurt, they will not take the revenge back and affect their character. Instead they will avoid talking to the concerned person and mind their own business if they are around.


8. They ask a lot of questions.. Uff… koi chup karao ise!

Being practical and logical, yet curious, they tend to ask a lot of things which sometimes annoy the other person. Have your answers ready people!


9. They are calm and easy going unless excited or tensed.

Real life situations and feelings matter a lot to them. In normal day to day life, they are bother-less and live very casually without much hassle and tantrums.


10. Family matters will always play an important role in their life.

Nothing is more important in their life as much as family. They are very sentimental, dedicated and serious about family matters. They will always think of buying gifts for all in the family with their first salary and feel good about spending whole of it. :)


11. They know the exact time, date and year of any event that is close to their heart. They are blessed with good memory.

They have a sharp mind, precision in memory and always give importance to life events. (P.s. Men, be it any month birth are exceptional in this case. They can’t remember dates! Lol 😀 ) Their recalling power is beyond imagination…good going! If you forget what they remember, you are screwed dude!


So people born in July are one of the amazing humans you will come across. love them, preserve them, spend time with them…coz you will never regret it! :)

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