11 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in November

11 Unbelievable Traits of People Born in November

So how are people born in November like? In simple words they are Extra-ordinary and Dynamic ! They are wonderfully creative and attractive, and highly emotional. They are not born to accept any nonsense, they play it fair and expect no injustice in return. Work is a top priority for them and loyalty a commitment.

Take a look at the traits of people born in November –


1.They are very secretive and they prefer more privacy !



They are not like those cunning and hard types, they need to protect their real inner self in deep secret corners of their heart or else they are often hurt and victimized. Though their actions are very honest and clean but still they choose to be more private. Like they bitterly hate people see what they are typing even while there is nothing secret about it.


2.  Everybody get’s them wrong. “Koi mujhe samjh kyon nahi pata?”



Harmless-Sweet-Creatures, might be the best phrase for them. They rarely have the intention of hurting people in anyway, but are very much prone to being misunderstood. And so do people often hold them responsible for their losses and pains even though they are completely innocent every single time.


3. Out of the box types ! Extra-ordinary and rarely like somebody else.



People born in November are never ordinary. The are very very unique and you would not come across people even little similar to them. Their personality is so distinct and apart from others that their way of doing things, thinking and talking to people leaves a ever-lasting mark on whoever they meet.


4. Jaan Jaye Par Dosti Na Jaye. Extremely loyal



November born people do not believe in cheating their friends, not at all and it hurts them deeply if people cheat on them. They would do everything possible to not break people’s trust. They make good best-friends for their loyalty. They well respect people’s trust to save their secrets.


5. No silence for injustice. They often complain “It’s not fair !”



It’s always perfectly open and fair from their side. They neither discriminate nor break the rules, they do it just the right way and cannot simply stand if people around them are not doing something wrong. They define their lives as open-books with nothing to be sorry about. This trait even harms them many times when they expose the wrong-doers.


6. Sexy and they know it



Not their fault actually, but people are very jealous of them for attracting attention even in big crowds. Their swag, their personality is hard to be resisted and hence everybody tires to even flirt with them. They love sex and love to love.


7. 100% committed and hardworking



Delay and errors are what they hate. They are very particular about things be it in relationships or at work and they make sure all their tasks are done on time. Though they also turn a little impatient sometime but yes when you do not comprise on your work it is fair to demand the same from others too !


8. Always with a ‘Road not taken. Born with creative hats



What everybody does is not important to them, they rather feel out of this world to always think of new ways of solving problems. Their creative advises are very popular in their friend circle. Their way of thinking is different from the common people. And that’s what makes them stand out of the crowd.


9. “Mere saath hi aisa kyon hota hai”…Too Emotional at times



It is a great weakness of November born people, they are unable to hold their emotions much. Unlike other people they often end up exposing all they have in their hearts, crying in many situation and being visibly depressed and sad. People use it as a weapon against them. November born people are pretty soft when it comes to emotions.They are also very uncertain in relationships.


10. Calm and quiet*……  *=until provoked



They are brilliant at keeping themselves at peace and cool most of the times and rarely get angry no matter how hard the situation is. However if somebody consistently challenges their calm ocean and provokes, then their ocean’s tsunami is hard to predict and control, when their patience breaks they are very difficult to calm.


11. Dynamic Personality + bada dil <3



They are not just exceptionally good at many things but very humble and good at heart. They have both intelligence and humility, the perfect combination which makes them very adorable and likable. People of November are dynamic in skills and understanding in approach.