12 Differences Between A Friend And A Pakka Dost

12 Differences Between A Friend And A Pakka Dost

We all come across a lot of people in life and many of them land up in our friend zone. No, no, not that one, the actual friend zone! Friendships are a constant part of our life and from school to college to office to trips to friends of friends, many of them have stayed with us and many of them have left. And bingo! Here you get the reality check, that not all of them will stay but the ones who do, they are your true gems of life.

Which ones have you got?


1. A friend is always there in your good times but a pakka dost takes care of the bad ones too.


2. Where friends might comfort you with sweet lies, pakke dost make you meet the bitter realities.


3. Friends compliment you every now & then whereas pakke dost are your insulting experts!


4. Friends help you in making plans but a pakka dost helps in cancelling them! 😀


5. A pakka dost keeps your secrets intact with himself where friends might break the rule.



6. Friends might take fights to the heart but pakke dost blame you for fights and make you say sorry!


7. A pakka dost will always join your mad acts where a friend might choose to look sophisticated.


8. Jealousy is not the cup of tea of pakke dost!


9. Pakke dost meet you often, are aware of your daily life and want no reason to meet! Where friends look for occasions to catch up.


10. When you feel lost in life friends come for your rescue, where pakke dost are feeling the same with you.


11. Friends’ priorities change with time whereas for pakke dost you are the priority!


12. Friends might get offended with your dramatic life but pakke dost hear your same old drama every time.