12 Experiences That People With Unique Names Go Through

12 Experiences That People With Unique Names Go Through

This article is dedicated to the poor souls whose parents did not think twice of the hassles that life would bring in to them if their names were so unique and different. This world is very biased to people with unique names, they only understand Raj and Simran, and rest of the names are nothing but a slang for them.

Here’s a list of 12 experiences that people with unique names go through!

1. When you visit a restaurant, they ask for your name and you move ahead asking your friend to register for you.


2. You’re asked a minimum of three times post telling your name to repeat it.


3. At weddings nobody gives you any work because they don’t happen to remember your name.



4. You’re given the weirdest of nick names because people have issues pronouncing your names correctly.


5. Every time in class the teacher takes attendance, you tend to miss it when its your roll call because she has pronounced your name so pathetically.


6. There were times when you simply gave up and accepted whatever people were calling you.


7. When in exams, you doubt writing your own name and triple check if you got the spellings right.


8. Sometimes you end up cursing your haathon ki rekha and your parents for doing this to you.


9. You are missed out while your friends are Checking In on Facebook because they could not get your name right.
10. You have had verbal fights at public places which are incapable of getting your name right at first go or at 10th go also.


11. But then you simply let it be. Because fate is to be blamed for all this.


12. Some days you have also come back home sobbing to mom asking her why did she do that to you. And she would have just smiled and called you with your nick name (because obviously most of the times she also gets it wrong).



So, all those depressed souls don’t worry about it because at the end of the day, Naam mein rakha hi kya hai?