12 Hidden Gems of India For Perfect Getaways with Friends & Family

12 Hidden Gems of India For Perfect Getaways with Friends & Family

We all have a travelling bug inside us that keeps on poking us all the time. However, all the time we can not plan a week long excursion and have to restrict ourselves from our thought bubbles of travel and trek. But we can for sure plan a short yet amazing tour to these 12 hidden places in India where you can escape for a day or two and come back as rejuvenated as before.

1. Tirthan Valley
Located in Himachal Pradesh, this valley is literally the best thing that can happen to you in 3 days vacation. 510 kilometres away from Delhi, this place is known for trout fishing and its 11 kms long trek to Great Himalayan National Park! Since there is a literal dearth of people around you, this place turns out way too safe for anyone, except animal attacks (in which case author is not responsible)

Tirthan Valley

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2. Lonavala
At a mere distance of 82 kilometers from Mumbai, this distinguished place is the best getaway all teenagers could get with their friends. Rajmachi Point and the ecstatic Lonavla Lake make this place even more surreal and beautiful. The best time to visit Lonavla is from October to April. Being located so close to Mumbai, this one definitely saves your petrol cost, hence a sasta vacation.

Lonavala (MMT)

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3. Andharban Trek
Andharban trek is a one day trek away from Mumbai’s choatic city life. The best time to visit this place is during monsoons. A four long-hour trek in the dense forests with a view on Kundalika Valley is something you just cannot afford on missing. Going to this place with a bunch of people who are wanderlust stricken is probably the best idea!

Andharban (Treks & Trails)

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4. Narkanda
The beauty if nature at its best is when you go out for an excursion to Narkanda. Located at a distance of 425 kms from Delhi, Narkanda can not be compared to any other hill station as it stands out in its beauty. Hatu Peak in Narkanda gives you goosebumps with its dreamy view and the trek till there is the most exhilarating moment.

Narkanda DelhitoShimla.net

Source: DelhitoShimla.net

5. Panchkula
This small city located 12 kms away from Chandigarh is a beautiful place with the most amazing scenic small houses. Super exotic location and the lovely weather gets Panchkula a 5-star rating from my side. The best part about Panchkula is that this trip fits your pocket and gives you amazing memories of the city. With all the posh houses, this place can be easily counted as one of the safest cities of the country.

Panchkula (onefivenine)

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6. Bhangarh Fort
For that adventurous streak in you, Bhangarh can be the most chilling experience ever. Known for its haunted history and spine-chilling stories, Bhangarh Fort is one of the most dangerous places to go in India. So much so that the entry to the fort is legally prohibited between sunset & sunrise! Scared already? (Parental Guidance is advised for a Bhangarh Trip)


Source” Wikipedia.org

7. Tons River Valley
Planning to go for river rafting but dont wanna end up in Rishikesh? Then Tons River Valley should be your pick. 410 kms from Delhi, the rafting season is from May till July. Walk in the pine forests as you visit this botanic place! Also, since it is not so renowned Tons Valley easily fits in your pocket money budget!

Tons River (Tumblr)

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8. Munnar
Large tea plantations with hill ranges, valleys and astounding wildlife, Munnar is a place which will make you fall in love with it at 1st sight. Located 470 kms away from Bangalore, Munnar should be ideally visited during December to February. Cannot assure on the less expense part but for sure an awesome place to place and you can not ever miss on it!

Munnar Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

9. Lansdowne
Known for the untimely rains, the mountain ranges and the perfect greenery, Lansdowne is the best getaway with family. 250 kms away from Delhi, this place is a perfect surprise to you with its sudden weather change and the clouds literally entering your rooms! As the nature’s beauty can be adored without any expense, Lansdowne is a very cheap trip to make!

Lansdowne (Clicked by Author)

Source: Clicked by Author

10. Coorg
Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is at a distance of 250 Kms from Bangalore. The trek to Coorg is beautiful beyond your imagination. If you plan to visit this place, you must ditch the expensive hotels and plan on a homestay (Money saving is the best we do)!
Coorg (MMT)

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11. Khajjiar
If you are a fan of snow clad mountains, go for Khajjiar in your next vacation and simply be spll bound by the mother nature’s beauty. Located at a mere distance of 586 kms from Delhi, this place manages to make you swoon away and never come back to Delhi.

Khajjiar (1000 lonely places)

Source: 1000 lonely Places

12. Khajuraho
This historic place located in Madhya Pradesh is known for its architectural values and the beauty of craftsmanship used in the temples. Khujraho temple is a must-visit for everyone who visits this place and if you happen to go between September to March witness the amazing Dance Festival that takes place here!

Beautiful Shikara of Kandariya Mahadev Temple

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So next long weekend, be all set with your bag packs to escape to any of these awesome places.