12 Hilarious Things That Happen On A Girl’s Night-Out

12 Hilarious Things That Happen On A Girl’s Night-Out

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Girlie girl’s-talk and giggling are 2 things that are most prominent on any night-out that happens with your entire GIRL-GANG. Soooo… dear boys, wanna have a peek-into what happens on Girls night out? Keep reading!

1. The Click-Click Session: A ritual for every night out has to be a session which has loads of serious-natural-candid-pictures with poses ranging from pouts to duck-faces!



2. Check-Out that Guy: Yes! This is an inevitable part when all girls are out. They have to check out each hot boy around and laugh at their own silly comments and then pretend nothing just happened. Anyways, mantra is “Why should boys have all the fun?”



3. The Eeewww! Her dress time: Bitching and girls cannot live without each other. If a bunch of girls are together there has to be some bitching to keep the spirit alive! After all, haq hai humara!



4. Truth or Dare: A compulsion that has to be kept alive on every night out is the silly games that we play. Whose your crush and go ask out that guy for his number has to top the charts on every girl’s list.



5. The News Room: Of course she knows who is he dating and the other one knows when she was caught home alone with her boyfriend. So all that updates are meant to be spread across and not kept a secret. So get all those updates and track records!



6. Get sloshed and Cry: Yes, we do have a time when all of us are sky-high and then reach out to our phones,  connect to the ex-boyfriend and the process of crying begins. This is the most fun-part of the night (because nobody remembers about it next day and even if we do, we pretend like we don’t)



7. F-Talks: No, not the kind of F-talks guys have. For us, F is and will always be for Fashion! From how gorgeous Aishwarya Rai looked at Cannes to what the hell did Sonam think before wearing that gown, we have to discuss it all!



8. The no-sync dance routine: Now that everything is fitting into place , there’s good music and the tipsy mood is set, its dancing time. But with the alcohol and effects, the dance steps go the messy way. But yeah! Its fun!



9. Tying-the-knot: Who out of the girls is getting married next year, who is gonna wear what and in which color everything needs to be pre-decided. We all are the Saalis after all, the eye candies of the wedding. :)



10. The Bollywood sneak peak: Heartbreak because Shahid Kapoor is getting married or how Salman Khan is still a virgin, the bollywood can never leave us alone! Or may be we dont leave bollywood alone. But this is crucial for night outs.



11. Display Marketing: This is exactly the time when girls get to show off what they just bought out from Sarojini Nagar and that new lipstick shade and the oh-so-gorg nail paint. Everything finds a way in our gossips!



12. Motivational speeches: Such nights are just a message of rejuvenation and then starts the motivational speech zone! Nothing feels better than pouring your heart out to your girl friends and they giving you world’s best advice!


PS: A lot more happens but something’s are better under covers…. Sshhhh!


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