12 Hilarious Things You Experience While Watching A Horror Movie

12 Hilarious Things You Experience While Watching A Horror Movie

There are all sorts of obsessions in the world and watching a horror movie is an irrational obsession that takes a toll on certain people. So, here is a list of 10 things that you might go through if you are obsessed with watching horror movies.


1. Now how am I gonna go to pee? Somebody come with me pleaaaseee *death scared*



2. Why does the ghost wait for the girl to fall down before he begins to chasing her is still a mystery.


3. You have a lot of times wished that the ghost does not kill that character just because he is so damn cute!


4. The super powers of the ghost are awakened only at night. In the morning, it is busy sleeping. Late night shifts you see.


5. The pet dying scene is the most hurtful because what the hell did the dog do wrong man? Usse kyun badla liya?



6. The cable signal disappearing scene does not scare you now! We all have Tata Sky and DTH service now!



7. The time when the girl stands as the killer ghost runs towards her, you know is stupid because somebody will kill the ghost from behind.



8. You never understood why they split up their gang when they know there is a ghost around.



9. The time when the ghost tries to scare the people on phone. Why can’t you go directly visit her man? You’re a ghost, use your super powers.



10. You laugh out loud when your friend gets damn scared on the girl falling because you know nothing is going to happen then.



11. When in your group every body is discussing how they can’t sleep because they’re damn scared, you know you’ll have a good night sleep anyways.



12. You always wonder why the characters in the movie can’t hear your commentary because if they could, they would still be alive.

So, enjoy laughing if you’re a horror movie fan and this article reminded you of the crazy laughs you had while watching one of them because you were not at all scared.

Gifs Source: Tumblr.com