12 Kinds Of Classmates Everyone Surely Has

12 Kinds Of Classmates Everyone Surely Has

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A few senti-moments , times of anger  and humiliation ,pinch of distress and ugly relations , bursts of laughter and tears of sympathy are together a perfect recipe  for every classroom . We’ve all had that one classmate who cries on our shoulder , and one who brings a smile to our face in the worst of possible situations and someone who keeps spying all the time .  A classroom indeed has variety of phenotypes with ultra-complex moods . Here is the ultimate list of classmates we’ve all had .


1)      An Alia Bhatt – Intelligence is in my veins . The dumb but cute cupid.



2)      “I read it somewhere” , he has a library at home I doubt .

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3)      I just returned from heavy weight-championship.

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4)      “You did that to me ?” The drama king . And those tear filled eyes …. :’(

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5)      And the one who is everyboy’s crush .

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6)      Somebody who has his own theory for just everything.



7)      And tonight the nation wants to know , who is the best debtor ?

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8)      The Bollywood bug with the review of every latest movie.

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9)      The one who doubts everybody. Shaki Uncle .

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10)   The Einstein’s grandson who makes you feel dumb even when your answer is correct.

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11)   The teacher’s spy who is paid more than a RAW agent .

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12)   Destructor. The terminator. The Bouncer. The Bully .

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