12 New Years Resolutions That Will Make You Stand Out From The...

12 New Years Resolutions That Will Make You Stand Out From The Rest and Are Achievable!

As the ticking time bomb clock is pacing towards 2016, our bucket list of resolutions is all prepared. We all have the new resolutions ready in our kitty that we will try and achieve. So StoryAlert.com came up with certain wishes that are do-able and impactful.

1. I resolve to not waste my entire day entertaining all the Candy Crush and Criminal Minds requests I get on Facebook.


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2. I resolve that this year I will ensure to at least complete 1 book in the entire year (apart from my text books)


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3. I resolve to not to say “YES” to all the plans that my friends make and stay at home to spend some time with family.


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4. I resolve to not to crush on every second girl/ boy I come across this year and dream of getting married to them after just laying my eyes on them.


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5. I resolve to learn to cook at least one dish except Maggi for the times mom is not there and in case Maggi gets banned again!


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6. I resolve to learn at least one new skill which is not as easy as passing sarcastic remarks about my classmates.


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7. I resolve to increase my vocabulary so that every time I come across a Vocab Nazi, I have amazing comebacks.


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8. I resolve to at least once make my mom’s dream of being a good , well-scoring child true.


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9. I resolve not to binge on anything and everything that comes across me so that I can keep a check on my health.


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10. I resolve to keep my room clean and to once in a month organize my study rack so that I don’t waste 1 hour on finding my books out of the 2 hours study time that I generally a lot.


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11. I resolve to not to spend all my pocket money on shopping things that I would not wear and rather save it so that I can plan an out station trip.


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12. I resolve to fulfil all the resolutions and not to shift them to next year!


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The team StoryAlert.com wishes you all a Happy New Years! Resolve to be resolute. :)