12 of The Most Ridiculous Lies We All Believed As Kids

12 of The Most Ridiculous Lies We All Believed As Kids

As kids we are told almost a million things that are nothing but simply LIES intended to scare us to death. And we then being the juvenile listen to all that and get scared as hell just to know 10 years down the line that we were simple being fooled. So, here is a list of 12 ridiculous lies we all believed as kids that we are not supposed to believe now:

1. That our Chowkidaar will take us away if we do something stupid or be naughty. He probably was sleeping all this while we believed this was true.

2. That our mom dad will take us to the mall next Sunday if we go to shopping with them this weekend. The next Sunday never came.


3. That Mojo Jojo (from PowerPuff Girls) was a real demon and he will take us away from home if we did not behave properly.


4. That if we eat green vegetables like Popeye did, we will be as strong as him.


5. That if we cross over someone’s legs, their height will not grow and they’ll remain that short forever.


6. That when our tooth broke, we should put it in a plant and the Fairy God Mother will take it to a better place from there.


7. That if we spin really fast and stop abruptly, our face will be twisted backwards forever.


8. That the Policeman on the road is not to protect the traffic rules instead stands there to keep a check on kids who are not being nice to their parents.
9. That the swing in the water park that was very high had stopped working just now. We now know you were just being overtly protective.


10. That if we did not sleep by 10 PM, the witch will abduct us and take us to a very bad place as a punishment.


11. That our parents loved our paintings and will keep them around forever, which they in real threw every new semester.
12. That the Algebra and Math being taught in the school will be of some value to us in our life. That is the biggest lie of all times.


So next time, your parents end up telling you any of this, just know that it is simply false. A warning call already for everybody. Be safe!

Gif Sources: Tumblr.com, Pinterest.com