12 Reasons Why Sleeping is The Best Thing

12 Reasons Why Sleeping is The Best Thing

We all know how dear sleeping has always been to the human race and when in our teens or 20s, sleeping takes the biggest part of our lives. We tend to grow fonder of this sleeping phenomena and literally just cannot get enough of it. Having said that, here are 12 reasons why sleeping the best thing ever!


When you have nothing to do, you can ALWAYS sleep!
It is the perfect escape from the whole wide world of responsibilities and maturity.
Since you are sleeping, you cannot eat desserts which makes it extremely healthy.
In your dreams and sleep your college assignments are to the point complete.
You do not have to fret about waking up the next morning during your sleep.
Time actually flies away when you are sleeping. Means no stress or tensions at all.
It is truly scientific. Since a body at rest will always remain in rest (until an external force comes. MOM Please 5 more minutes!)


You become good at mathematics since you are always counting how many hours you can sleep before actually going to sleep.
Your alarm truly gets a rest when you plan to sleep for longer. And of course your mom too!
Since you are so in to sleeping, you do not have late night parties and hence your parents do not worry about you getting spoilt.
There are times when you actually turn down eating out plans because that means a few extra hours of sleep and also healthy again!
You really do not need a boyfriend/ girlfriend to cuddle with to sleep. You and Your Blanket are bae forever.

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