12 Signs You Are Addicted To Partying

12 Signs You Are Addicted To Partying

Partyyyyy Time!!! It is not something only restricted to weekends. It is not something you depend on others for. Partying is your motivation of life. And you can do it anytime, anywhere with anyone! Why? Because more than the idea of drinking, you are addicted to the idea of partying. And here are signs that you are one party animal:

1.You don’t wait for weekend to party. Mondays are good to go too!


2. If you get a chance you would like after parties every day after office.

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3. You believe in partying only when dressed up! #thatshowitshouldbe

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4. You take short vacations quite often. Thanks to your love for parties!


5. You don’t understand people who say, “You can’t party during the day!”


6. You take time off while in the office just to CHILL…


7. You never say no to any party plan!


8. You are one great host & everyone looks forward to parties you plan.


9. Parties you organise are the most happening ones.

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10. You are always looking for reasons to party.

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11. You don’t mind jumping into other’s plans or make one just to PARTY!


12. P.S. You are life of every party yo go to!