12 Signs That Prove You Are An Instagram Addict

12 Signs That Prove You Are An Instagram Addict

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In our fast instant life, one app that serves to our instant moods is Instagram! You can spend hours scrolling down the page and the amount of knowledge you get is just immeasurable. And that’s why you have turned into one Insta addict.

Check for the following in you:


1. Your Instagram is updated as per your daily events and emotions.  


2. You are very particular about your followers and whom you follow.


3. None of your picture goes to Facebook without being edited on Instagram.


4. It’s like your own little world with more privacy.


5. It’s your favorite hobby to take screenshots of whatever you find good! Be it clothes, quotes, recipes.. *click-send, click-send*


6. Tagging friends on Instagram makes you feel less guilty as compared on Facebook.


7. You are more comfortable in sharing your weird pictures on Instagram, thanks to limited janta there!


8. Instagram = Less stalkers, less harm and more fan following.


9. You feel no less than a diva or dude when see brands want to follow you!



10. Instagram = More stalking by you. You explore random strangers and get more addicted day by day!


11. You follow your favorite celebs with more interest and heart here.


12. You have almost lost track of your FB account as you are so much in love with Instagram.



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