12 Signs You Are A Die-Heart Shahrukh Khan Fan

12 Signs You Are A Die-Heart Shahrukh Khan Fan

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Shah Rukh Khan, he is termed to be the king of Bollywood but he is man of your life. He is a successful actor but for you he is a sexy charmer. Where world looks at his outer side and success, you look SRK as a strong man. He is hot, man of his words, full of love and hell of a witty personality.

Of course I love him and I am sure whosoever like him as much as I do, will relate to the following:

1. You have watched DDLJ atleast 100 times!


2. All SRK dialogues are on your tips & learnt heart-to-heart.


3. You are aware of all his career & life stories.


4. You envy Gauri Khan for having him as a husband for her WHOLE life!

5. You have watched all his movies on first day, first show.


6. You have collected his movie posters, movie casettes/CDs everything. You have your own SRK library!


7. You have tried a foot at all his dance steps.


8. You adore all his roles & characters but Rahul/Raj takes the cake every time.


9. You regret not having acting skills while watching him, wooing other co-stars.


10. You are inspired by his witty and charming attitude.


12. At least, once in your life you have said, “Main bada hoke SRK jesa banunga!”