12 Signs You Are A ‘Dil-Phenk’ Type Of Person

12 Signs You Are A ‘Dil-Phenk’ Type Of Person

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Some people call you a flirt, some think of you as a casnova and some are just jealous of your charm! But you can’t help it! Your heart speaks for you and sweetness level can cause diabetes to anyone.

If you are a dil phenk type of person or have a friend like that around, you’ll definitely relate to these:


1. You are a pro at charming people around. You got those vibes bro!



2. Friends like to be around you and eventually you’ve become the ‘Mr. Popular’ of your group.



3. You can’t see anyone upset or sad! You believe in seeing people happy.



4. You hardly say NO to anyone for anything and that what makes people rely on you.



5. You make up for flaws of others as well if it makes someone smile.



6. You are a true softy at heart and it can melt you at any good or bad moment.



7. Your Instagram and Facebook is flooded with requests and followers because people have heard so much good about you.



8. You often, no! Every time you cry when watch a senti movie or be an emotional support for someone.



9. You are quite emotional and serious when it comes to your own friendships and relationships!



10. You easily get convinced by people!



11. And easily hurt too but you can’t help it!



12. But your life’s motto by default is, “Yaar main dil se sochta hun dimag se nahi..”


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